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Igor Igorevich Slobodskyi was born on the 4th of April in the city called Chenihov and grown in a talented family. Parents are the stage artists.

Been 4 year old he dialed with choreography. He is a certain all around Ukraine and International award winner in modern dance style. Two times a champion at the Ukrainian dance conquest acting with dance studio Broadway. He acted on TV-project “Song of a year” 2005 dancing with famous pop-singer Gaitana.

Since childhood he is a true fan of Michael Jackson. Perfectly knows Michaels` technique of a dance, virtuously imitates his voice. With great success performs in the night-clubs and concert programs with numbers Billie Jean and Dangerous. With number Billie Jean he took place in Ukrainian TV-show “Ukraine has the talent”.

He’s the owner of a title “The schools` Mister#1” and the actor of the main role in musical play “The story of first love”.
After graduating from school he entered Kiev National University of Culture and Arts to the faculty of the movie actor. Remains best actor on the faculty. Plays the main role in a brand-new soap-opera “The phone of trust”; plays the main role in soap-opera “The mysterious stories”; plays an episode role in famous soap-opera “Efrosinia”; main role in advertisement of brand “Elitech”.

He thinks one of the main ways to develop his actors` skills is the ability to do everything. Igor has a perfect knowing of Russian, Ukrainian, English and German languages. Have some skills playing piano and the guitar. Also writes and sings his songs. Perfectly knows different types of sport like volleyball, swimming, mountain ski, skating, bicycle, horse riding and boxing. Can do different acrobatic tricks either for the movie scenes or dance performing. Have a license working lifeguard. He writes sceneries and films his own movie. Also he can work as a conference. It is only the top of an iceberg of talents which doors Igor has opened.

Right now his first aim is about to get into the Hollywood to play in the movies, musicals on Broadway, to rich the world fame and to show the world his talents.
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